does laser treatment work? Will it remove hair permanently?

Laser treatment can both permanently lessen the density of the hair or completely eliminate unwanted hair.

Permanent discount in hair density manner some hairs will regrow after a single direction of therapy and sufferers will need ongoing laser treatment. Permanent Laser Hair Removal In Dubai

Permanent hair elimination manner not one of the hairs inside the treated vicinity will regrow after a unmarried direction of remedy and no ongoing laser therapy is needed.

Whether hair is eliminated completely or just decreased in density is influenced by:

the shade and thickness of the hairs being treated

the color of the affected person’s pores and skin

the type and satisfactory of the laser used, and

the competence and training of the character operating the laser.

However, if you have gray hairs, which haven't any melanin pigmentation, currently available lasers don’t work.

How many treatments will I need?

The quantity of remedies you’ll want relies upon to your Fitzpatrick skin type. This classifies your pores and skin through color, its sun sensitivity and its chance to tan.

Pale or white pores and skin, burns easily, hardly ever tans (Fitzpatrick types 1 and a pair of) People with dark hair can typically gain everlasting hair elimination with 4-6 remedies each 4-6 weeks. People with honest hair will usually best attain everlasting hair reduction and after an preliminary route of remedy may also want 6-12 remedies a month aside.

Laser remedy paintings high-quality inside the hands of a expert. Author supplied

Light brown pores and skin, on occasion burns, slowly tans to light brown (type three) People with dark hair can generally obtain permanent hair removal with 6-10 remedies each four-6 weeks. People with fair hair will normally most effective reap permanent hair reduction and after an preliminary path of treatment may additionally require 3-6 repeat treatments a month apart.

Moderate brown to dark brown pores and skin, not often burns, tans properly or to mild brown (type four and five) People with darkish hair can normally acquire everlasting hair reduction with 6-10 treatments every 4-6 weeks. Maintenance will commonly be required with 3-6 month-to-month repeat treatments. People with fair hair are not likely to reply.

Re-treatments have to be lengthy enough apart to permit new hair growth to attain the level of the bulge.

What side effects or headaches have to I be aware about?

You can be cautioned to put on goggles all through the treatment to prevent eye damage.

You will even revel in some ache for the duration of treatment, mainly the first few. This is specially due to not putting off all hair within the place to be dealt with earlier than the technique. Hairs missed whilst shaving take in laser energy and heat the pores and skin surface. There is much less ache with repeat treatments at everyday durations. Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Your pores and skin will feel warm for 15-half-hour after laser remedy. There can be redness and swelling for up to 24 hours.

More critical aspect effects include blisters, an excessive amount of or too little pores and skin pigmentation, or everlasting scarring.

These commonly occur in human beings with a recent suntan and the laser settings have not been adjusted. Alternatively, these aspect-effects can arise whilst sufferers are taking medications that affect their pores and skin’s reaction to daylight.