Removing pigmentation with Cosmelan peel

Discoloured skin - also called hyperpigmentation - is a common challenge for a lot of our patients. Unwanted pigmentation is regularly because of infection, hormonal imbalances or sun exposure, and may take many bureaucracy - from patches of darkened pores and skin to sun spots, age spots, freckles, or even melasma.
A popular and surprisingly effective treatment for pigmentation is Cosmelan depigmentation remedy. Cosmelan Peel In Dubai  is a high-power peel treatment applied in-centre by means of one in all our clinicians, accompanied by five months of at-domestic skincare.

Cosmelan is one of the best effective treatments for melasma.

Depigmentation remedy no longer only controls and treats melasma and unwanted pigmentation, however additionally evens out complexion and exhibits brighter skin, restoring smoothness and leaving a radiant end. It is an ideal remedy for any kind of pores and skin discolouration along with chloasma, pregnancy masks, and choppy skin tone and texture.
The Cosmelan peel treatment follows a multi-step approach. It entails the application of a thick paste in your pores and skin that is left in location for as much as 12 hours, drawing undesirable pigment to the pores and skin’s surface and shedding it away. The utility most effective takes 15 mins in-centre after which you may return home. Ongoing homecare remedy keeps for up to five months.

The Cosmelan peel also enables to save you future pigmentation troubles.
Downtime varies depending on your remedy plan (mentioned with you at a session prior to your in-centre remedy).

Results display inside 7 to fourteen days and pores and skin seems visibly brighter and glowing, with diminishing pigmentation. Wrinkles and best traces will also be reduced for a more younger look. The results of depigmentation remedy can be prolonged with the aid of cautiously following the homecare habitual.
There are some elements that make Cosmelan Peel  depigmentation therapy stand out from opportunity hyperpigmentation treatments. Laser therapy and IPL are generally used to fight pigmentation issues, however these are pricey and invasive treatments which don’t always work for all pores and skin types and can even motive hyperpigmentation. Topical options like chemical peels can help ease pigmentation however often provide most effective a quick-term option to a protracted-time period hassle.

Depigmentation therapy with Cosmelan grants fast, ongoing, and ache-loose effects and facilitates to save you further pigmentation issues inside the future.
The Cosmelan peel is suitable for all skin sorts.
The five months of at-home skin care products are furnished to you and blanketed within the cost of the entire depigmentation therapy.

Cosmelan peel is available at our skin restore centres in Hobart, Toowoomba, Terrigal, Gold Coast, Berwick, and Coorparoo.