What is a Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is a 95% effective way to reduce facial pores and skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation, blemishes and scars, and it’s a powerful anti-growing old remedy too. With the appropriate treatment and aftercare, you can expect quick results and radical upgrades on your skin. Our customers document dramatic discounts in blemishes from just a month after treatment.

The Cosmelan Peel In Dubai Depigmentation Peel is a multi-aspect chemical treatment that removes layers of useless pores and skin cells and encourages the pores and skin to regenerate to show a clean, blemish-loose complexion. It’s famous with customers trying to reduce the effects of facial melasma, pigmentation and age spots, scars, environmental harm, hormone issues, pimples, freckles, and sun harm. It additionally efficiently treats regions stricken by blackheads and whiteheads.

At Modern Health Clinics our pleasant, completely educated and certified practitioners will guide you through the system from start to finish, always with exemplary care, protection and the expert recommendation you assume from Caroline and her crew.
It’s a 12-month protocol with quick consequences that may be seen after the primary remedy.

It calls for ongoing assessment and care following the initial treatment, and your plan can be tailor-made to you and your skin by way of your practitioner.
Who is Cosmelan great for?
Cosmelan is perfect for ladies and men of all skin types and skin hues. Each case is exclusive, so results will vary, but we commonly see staggering consequences from the first remedy. It is typically round ninety five% powerful, so long as the correct protocol is accompanied from begin to complete. Your practitioner will guide you through the treatment every step of the way, however you want to be devoted to following up at the protocol at home to look the first-class effects.

Is Cosmelan safe, and is it painful?
The Cosmelan Peel remedy is a hundred% safe whilst achieved in a expert medical institution via skilled practitioners. During the most excessive intervals of your treatment, your pores and skin might be pink, peeling and sensitive, but that is all perfectly normal and any soreness will soon pass. We locate that so long as customers are organized for this, they could plan the rest of their commitments around it effortlessly.

A step-by way of-step guide to the remedy plan
When you undergo the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel remedy with Modern Health Clinics, we’ll manual you thru the diverse levels so you sense supported every step of the way. It’s exceptional for every client, however right here are the principle tiers of remedy:

Step 1 - Consultation
We’ll invite you in for a complete session lasting from 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll provide an explanation for the manner and solution any of your questions. We use our analysis chart to pick out the appropriate treatment plan for you and will take images in order that we are able to music your development. You’ll be given a complete kit with merchandise to use to put together your pores and skin for remedy, along with complete commands on how to use the products and what kind of to apply.

Step 2 - Pre-Treatment Peel
When your practitioner is confident that your skin is ready and fully organized for remedy (this is commonly round two weeks after consultation), you’ll come into the health facility for a preparatory pores and skin peel to be implemented. We’ll cleanse, tone and degrease, making use of a barrier to sensitive areas before the peel is applied and left on for 5-7 mins. Finally, a completing cream may be applied, along side a moisturising sun safety cream of SPF50+.

Step 3 - Treatment Mask
Two days after Step 2 is complete, you’ll come again into the medical institution on your Cosmelan depigmentation treatment mask to be implemented. Your appointment might be within the morning in order that the treatment can paintings at some stage in the day (the masks mustn’t live on in a single day). This step will handiest be achieved once your pores and skin is ready for it, and now not peeling, pink or touchy. After fully cleansing, firming and degreasing your skin, at the side of a barrier product to guard touchy areas, we’ll observe the Cosmelan Peel  masks using the fingertips to mixture into the brow, cheeks, nostril, chin and top lip. You’ll go away the medical institution with the mask still on, with your homecare % and complete commands for use.

Step 4 - Mask Removal
The masks will live on for a number of hours relying for your practitioner’s advice. When the allotted time is up, you’ll cast off the mask at domestic the usage of a soft face cloth and funky water. Apply the healing product which you’ve been given, but don’t use any other merchandise. After elimination, there can be some skin swelling, peeling and irritation, however that is ordinary and won’t closing long. Simply use the home care package furnished, and get in contact if you have any issues in any respect.

Step five - At-Home Aftercare
Your aftercare treatment percent will include the whole lot you need to appearance after your skin submit-remedy, together with full commands for use. This will encompass brightening foam, restoration cream and pigment manipulate cream. At any level of this technique, if you have questions or concerns you can get in touch and your practitioner will advise you.

Step 6 - Regular Skin Review
During the months following your remedy, you’ll be invited lower back to the clinic for normal skin critiques. During the first few weeks and months after preliminary remedy, it's miles everyday for pigmentation to return to the floor and turn out to be more seen for some time. This will reduce with continuous use of the Cosmelan treatment cream as it breaks down the pigment that has surfaced.