Information About Congenital Anomalies

Question: Is it possible to diagnose congenital anomalies in a fetus?

Yes. The maximum dependable method of analysis is to observe a pattern of fluid from the amniotic sac, sometime among the 15th and eighteenth week of pregnancy. The pattern is acquired via amniocentesis. Microscopic examination of the cells inside the fluid then reveals feasible abnormalities within the chromosomes. Congenital anomalies that can be recognized in this manner consist of Down's syndrome, spina bifida, and anencephaly. Sometimes, the diagnostic use of ultrasound can locate abnormalities of the cranium or backbone. Congenital Anomalies Treatment Cost In Dubai

Question: Can congenital anomalies be treated?

Treatment depends completely on the character and severity of the condition. Many anomalies may be treated, however for some there's no treatment.

Question: In what situations may abortion be considered?

Abortion might be taken into consideration if severe fetal problems are found early in a being pregnant. The selection to abort rests with the dad and mom and is made after considering the recommendation of the medical doctor and experts on the character of the disorder and the consequences of abortion.

Question: Are congenital anomalies more likely to arise in first-born babies?

No. Statistics disprove this generally held belief. Congenital Anomalies Treatment Cost

Question: Does a congenital anomaly in a infant imply that subsequent infants could be in addition affected?

Genetic counseling deals with such questions. In many cases it is viable to country dangers numerically. For example, a infant with congenital heart disorder is probable to be followed by a further affected baby in 2 percent of pregnancies in preference to the regular danger of 1 percentage. Spina bifida takes place in about 1 infant in each 1,500, but if a preceding infant become born with the situation, there may be about a 1-in-20 to 1-in-50 danger that it'll arise in a later child.